Horn Setup on An 01 Silverado

Custom Bracket

Bolted to Spare tire mount


Switch Pannel

Pannel installed with Leds

Mounted in the Bed

SCAREDu … Has been asking me for 6 months for pics… lol… so here u go…

anyway… just bought a 06 duramax… so im gonna be switching this setup to that i think…not sure yet… Enjoy… Johnny

DAMN thats a sick set up

We NEED some Vids of this thing Sounding Off.

ya ill have to get some vids up here… been busy… But they r LouD

the buttons are for compressors correct?

nice set up,loud is the best

johnny i demand vids! lol
now that set up is awesome!

no i have a toggle to turn power on to my pressure switch and buttons… first button is for horn 1… button 2 is for blow off button 3 is for both sets… 4 is blank and the lights r for each compressor… to tell me when they are on and off… instead of a gauge…

Nice very nice.

nice bro i like the colors of the horns very nice!

Yes, the horn colors are very patriotic. They even match your rebel flag…lol!

those are the colors of my flag bro lol CUBA

Wow that’s gotta be loud as honk

Damn fine job, Makes me want to upgrade with another set. You Gotsta get a vid of that bad boy in action…

Holy crap! That has got to be loud! How quickly does your pressure drop?

i can blast for about 15 secs… but im gettin another 20 gal and an xd3000 then ill be set


those horns scream to be put on a roof rack! id show those babies off!

Nice work man! I have 1 K5LA on my 2004 Silverado, I can’t imagine how loud 2 must be!!!

I wondered how/where to mount a second set someday… now I know!

I look forward to the video!

i just put a new cover on my bed so i have a new back rack for it… so im thinking about doing it im not sure… they would be super loud if i put them on the back rack… .ya… thats how i mounted my 2 sets… they just fit…but i have aftermarket exhaust so its not in the way…