Horn Switch

Where are you guy’s getting those switches with the red protector covering it…don’t really need it, but it look’s cool…

autozone alot of different parts houses have them

got mine from there but i havent seen one there since

can also go to radio shack or any local car audio place should have them… auto zone too

anywhere that sells the ghetto racing supplies i.e. horsepower stickers and fart cannons and those bigfoot gas pedals will have them

any car store should. napa, oreillys, autozone. I got mine at napa

i think their ricer lookin tho… thats just me…lol

eh yea. I asked the dude if they had 5/16th inch air break line. He looked at me like I was crazy. Hes like “whats this going on?; I know it aint no air break system.” lol I told him a train horn and he started laughing.

when i had my conductor set, first thing i did was get rid of that 5/16 line and upgraded it…that air line isnt common around here…

yup i noticed that too went to 1/2"

did you go to 1/2 inch from the tank till the horns or just from the tank to the valve?

1/2 inch everywhere…

ah ill have to do that later. I should have don that to begin with. would have saved me some $