Horn Test

I work for a company called Carcoustics. We make parts for OEM’s that make cars and trucks quiet.
Our Tech Center has different Labs to test for different sounds, anyways I pulled my truck w/ conductor special 4 horn into a lab called a Reverbaration room which has 10 mic’s hanging from the ceiling. (Each mic cost $5,000.00.)
I sat in the truck and an engineer was in the control room, I blasted them suckers for 3 seconds and they measured 130db. They are louder than that because we tripped all the mic’s, they are only rated at 130db.
If anyone wants I’ll post pictures of my truck in the room, it’s crazy

A military jet at 50 ft is 130db…Blast On!!!

id like to see some pics.

is there any way to set the cameras so they can record the full decibel rating?

I’d like to see what they register on a mic outside at 10 meters

id like to see u blast a k5la…

I would LOVE to see those photographs, dude, We love pictures, we could totally use that photo on Hornblasters.com somewhere! Kick donkey story!