Horn wont blow


I have a issue with my setup. I parked my truck for 3 months and when I went to charge the battery and start the truck. I heard a large air releasing sound coming from the place where my compressor and tank are located.

The sound was like someone was letting the air out of a car tire. I normally don’t hear my air compressor, but now whenver I start my truck, I can here the motor running. This was not the case before. I waited for about 4 hours and tried to hit my horn. I could here it click, click, the motor is running, but no horn sound is coming out.

Do you have any suggestions ???

Is there a pressure release valve on your tank? If so that could be stuck.

Does your tank have a pressure blow off like this? Or your solenoid might be stuck open.

Thank you,

I will look into the value and see whats going on.

Depending on your air line material and sitting that long, you might want to check them for cracks.