horn wont honk

I got a train horn setup from one of my buddies,I think its a 2 gal tank with a 150 psi compressor, when I got it it didnt work, he said it worked but had just been sitting. I hooked everything up and the compressor kicked on but when I went to honk it nothing happened so I assumed it was a bad solonoid because it wasnt even clicking. I got a new solonoid today put it on and tried it again and all it does is make an air noise coming out of the horns rather than honking. Could it be a bad horn itself or more likely the compressor isnt pumping what it should? I aired it up for like 5 minutes and the compressor still continued to run idk if it should shut off when its full or what. Any advice is much appreciated.

We need some details on your setup to help you. Do you have a pressure gauge on the tank? What are the specs on the pump? Besides having operational equipment…its also key to have efficient equipment for the duty you want it to perform. If your pump can’t keep up with the demand, or it doesn’t have the capability to fill your tank…then you are never going to hear the horns work. Also, what type of horns do you have?

Sounds to me like you don’t have an adequate pump. If I completely vent my 5gal tank, I can cut my compressor on and let it run for about 1 min…and I can hear the same as you…just air flowing through the horns. After about 3 minutes, my horns will chime as they are supposed to. In about 7 minutes total…my 5 gallon tank is at 150psi, and my pressure switch cuts the compressor off.

I dont really have any details o it because someone just gave me the setup and he didnt know anything about it. He had it on his truck with the exact setup and it worked. I think I might have figured out the problem but im not sure yet havent gotten a chance to test it since. When going through the horns I tore them apart to clean the diaphrams and when i put it back together I tightened the diaphrams all the way down and I read that it wont work like that so I loosened them up but just need to hook it all back up to try it. Does it sound like me having it too tight would cause it to do what it was doing? Thanks.

Any pics of the equipment? Good chance someone might be able to identify your parts.

I imagine if you overtightened the diaphragms, it might cause them to not operate also. On my particular horns, that isn’t exactly possible…since they sit in a groove…so horns vary. I do know as well you aren’t supposed to lubricate them, they are to be dry as a bone.

Get some pics up if you can, maybe some other folks will chime in soon.

I figured it out and feel stupid about it lol one of the hoses had a small leak I didnt notice not allowing the tank to fill up enough to honk it but I fixed it and it works now. Thank you for the help though I really appreciate it.

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