HornBargains Quad Tone Horn

anyone have a review on it? its 30 bucks, i wanna know if its loud and how hard is it to install? also what has to be put in your car for it to work? any buttons, switches, etc. also can i use it with the HornBlasters 30 Watt Public Address cause i was planning on buying that to. thank you

id recommend saving a little while and buy even the smallest shocker kit… i almost will guarentee you wont be happy with that… just my .02

i bought a horn like this for a first horn, yea it was louder than a stock horn and you could scare someone if they were close, but there is absolutly no comparison of this horn to the shockers hornblasters sells

for that price i would go with HB phycoblasters. or like they said get some shockers. you wont be disappointed.

those wer my first horns i ever bought. they wer fun for about a month and then i wanted the shockers so def get either the psycho blasters or save up for shockers. the shockers are usually loud enough for most people…but not me lol.