HornBlasters 100w pa- Trippy



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thats awesome… I could use that on my way home from work with the traffic :wink:

lolz, j/k

ahhhhhhh sounds fuckinng awesome bro… just be careful with te siren bro

how clear is it when you speak. or could you get a video with the camera away from the car?

I’d have to say it’s pretty clear. It’s not as loud as I thought it’d be, but its still pretty dam loud. I’ll try to get a video tmrw.

LMAO my ADD shows really bad at :07. I was going to say “I’m out here in the old air field.” Instead I just stopped halfway through the sentence haha.

EDIT; The two power buttons on the right of the pa system do nothing. They are so you can wire up your compressor or w/e to it.

sounds pretty cool! thats neat it came with all those other sound effects.
i dunno if you really want your train horn and stock horn off the wheel tho. seems like thats more likely to get you caught with the cops

I feel it’s LESS likely. I used to have the horn button by the gas/brake. Sometimes I would accidently hit it. Now I can flip the switch down and it’ll be the stock horn, and flip it up for train horn. I see your point though, if I forgot it was up or something.


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Here you go good sir. Fresh video taken today.

ohhh thats pretty cool then.

nice vid of the PA. its quite loud indeed!
i picture myself singing “move b1tch! get out the way, get out the way” with that thing if i had one lol

lmao nice vid bro

haha i would get introuble with one of those.

ps nice echo!

Thanks. I didn’t notice the echo in the first video. It’s at an old airfield. The echo’s crazy.

yeah it makes a nice echo…

Video removed by user?

Yeah, I pretty much fail at life. If you really want me to, I’ll be glad to put it back up. I guess I just kinda made this thread useless LMAO

I can lock it for you… LOL jp it was a good vid snake eater. you would just have to take my word for it lol

Woohoo! You know it’s good when Twist says it’s good. I tried my hardest.

OH MY GOSH… HAHA his yarmulka (sp idk lol) went flying… lol