Hornblasters 6 door F-650

I thought I would share some pictures of our “Work Truck” :smiley:

I will put a list of modifications together soon.

Our horn setup is a Nathan K3LA, Nathan K5LA, Nathan Tugboat/Ship horn, 20 gallons of air, Motor driven.

Before the 6 door conversion:

After the 6 door conversion with the older Ford bed:

After the 6 door conversion with the 2012 Ford bed:

Rolling through Sema 2012-

At LNO 2012 Orlando, Fl.-

As it sits today-

Sweet truck.

Yeah, I saw it at SEMA and it is Sweeeeet!

What… no side steps? How the heck do you get into that thing?

JUMP!!! Or a push. I’ve ripped a few jeans getting in and out. Haha. :smiley:

Awesome! I even see a sneak peak of the K3 hanging there… Thats gotta be loud there! Great job to your crew!
Just noticed you dont have a set of shockers on there?? I’d imagine thats your best selling horn to advertise for.
Are you going to show off the horn install in the horn installs section?

Sweet truck!!! There is a F650 around here and they are huge haha

Which engine does that have? Cummins or cat?

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I will definitely be showing off the horn install :wink: She’s been sleeping at the audio installer’s shop for awhile!

Cat C6 :smiley:

Nice, gotta love the 650!!!

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Here is some Technical Specs: (I promise, more pictures to come )

extra door on each side (6 door)
2013 dually bed
99 f150 headlights
hid bulbs
updated mirrors
painted mirror caps
recon light kit on roof
huge tow ball
monster hooks
Painted bumpers
rear view camera-kenwood wide angle
350z Daytona blue w/ pearl overlay
Two 21” TVs in tailgate
Steps removed

Nathan K5LA
Nathan Queen Mary Shiphorn
Nathan K3LA
20 Gallons of Air
Motor driven compressor

24.5 Reds diesel wheels with custom towing capacity
Roadmaster semi tires low profile 110 series

TS Performance Power Programmer

I PAD mount
double din Alpine TV/DVD
Two 21” TV in headlineer
3 Kicker 6.5” and 2 tweeters per door in custom speaker pods
PA System
Custom built center console

4” lift blocks in front
Factory air suspension

Pfff… no flaming exhausts, hood mounted machine guns or nothing! How are you ever going to get noticed in that?

Only joshin’. It’s over the top in almost every way and nothing screams ‘HORNBLASTERS.COM’ more than that beast. Great marketing vehicle. Well done guys.

What the heck is a “Nathan Queen Mary Shiphorn” anyhow (I thought she had Kockums)? Got any pics of that?

She JUST pulled in for a split second before being hauled off to another audio shop. I’ll try real quick to go snap a few pics of the horns. The ship horn is mounted above the rear axle, underneath the bed so I will try and do the best I can.

It’s a tugboat horn Matt found on Ebay. :smiley:

These are extremely crummy and taken from my cell phone I will get some more with my camera when it gets back and cleaned up!

The first few is of the tugboat horn (as best as I can get). It’s mounted in between the frame rails, above the axle, underneath the bed floor.

Then the K3, and the K5.

Aha… so it’s a Hyson Airchime.
Apparently Hyson was the U.K. company licensed to build Airchimes, whereas Nathan held the license in the U.S.

It’s a tugboat horn Matt found on Ebay.
Wouldn’t you know it… here’s the man himself with his toy in action:

Sweet truck!

I think there are some SEMA videos too…

That would be it! I was not aware of this video until Matt showed me, after I posted the pics of course!

There are a few actually. Search Hornblasters :wink:

Huge truck with a ton of horns…i like :smiley:

If you like that Hyson. Check this out.