HornBlasters Catalog!

HornBlasters is putting the finishing touches on the catalog for 2011.

We currently are seeking some train photos. If you have a camera and know where some locomotives are. Go on an adventure and get recognized in our catalog.

Email any photo’s you have of trains in the original quality or Photoshoped larger than 1920 x 1080 at 300 dpi, to nick@hornblasters.com with subject “Train Photo’s”.

I look forward to seeing all your photos.

Please Note: All photo’s must be original, please do not send any photo’s you may have found on an internet search or other websites.


I’m asking a friend to send me pics of mooning the train in San Jaun Capistrano.

hahha Dan…you’re the motha effin man!

i can get you sum
good pics of the
CXS trains that
rollby my house but
gona have probs
sending you the pics senis i dont
have a computer:(
ill figer it out.

any of our vehicles gonna be in the magazine?

If you want your vehicles to be featured, we might have another spot or two available. Send us HD photos to: Nick@Hornblasters.com

Thanks guys!

my vehicle is already on ur site… you want me to email again anyways?

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Send your pictures to Nick@Hornblasters.com for eligibility to be in the catalog Scared U. The pics need to be high quality and clean. We have a lot of people sending them in, so get the best shots of your vehicle/install.


My friend with the mooning pictures is out of town until June so I won’t be able to contribute unless this continues in the future.

hahah ^^

Dan, I’ll be sure to contact you for a review of our catalog when it’s finished. The Oasis sections looks NICE! I’m just waiting on pictures to arrive from the model, and a couple of my Dealer Accounts installs.

We’ll talk soon.

Bump :smiley:

ok ill see all the trains round here covered in snow

Even better!

I would have liked to submit my bicycle!! lol

Yea any updates on this?

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I sent this chick Ester Hanukah $300 for some sexy photos for the catalog, got some other girls lined up for it too… Ester’s dodging me… she’s had the cash since January and is dragging her feet… she’s supposed to take some pics with a green screen that i could cut her out and use her all around the catalog… Catalog looks corny as hell IMO, Garrett and Nick worked on it for over a year but kinda half oven IMO… I’m not happy with the way it looks. I’ll still print them though just to have something, just wanna get these girls thrown in there asap.

Mmmmmm THE Queen Esther?

Catalogs are cake to make…did them back in high school

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You guys are in Tampa … it’s like the split tail capital of the world, and you can’t roll over to the local Hooters to find some sexy lil thang to put in the catalog?