HornBlasters Features & Sale

We’ve added a few things to the site over the last couple days.

Most noticeably, live chat support. If you have some questions and don’t want to post it here, feel free to chat with us online at www.hornblasters.com.

Okay, you probably just want to hear about the sales.

  1. Nathan P3 (brand new horn from Nathan) Complete Kit for $1099.99
  2. Nathan K3 (again, brand new) Complete Kit for $1199.99
  3. Caboose 127 kit for just $199.99 (cheapest horn kit!)
  4. FREE SHIPPING on any horn kit!
  5. FREE SHIPPING on your whole order if you buy any Viair 400-series compressor. (400, 420, 450, 460, 480!)

As always we have ridiculous pricing on air bags and compressors!!

And finally, if you’ve wanted to know what we all look like, or just wanna see our updated photos, check out our staff page.

Have a Happy Honkin’ Christmas! (/Christmahanaquanzika)

Hey guys …

Fix Maddie’s info please. Ex-Marines are the ones with Bad Conduct Discharges and trash like that, and I got a feeling she doesn’t have one.

Kris (also a former Marine)

keeping my mouth shut

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LOL, nah man it ain’t like that … we just take care of our own.

Those that know, know. Savvy?


Free SHIPPING to the UK??? lovely jubbly!! :D;)

Oh bugger! - If i was still on the road with my lorry i’d have snapped up a 24volt compressor no time with free shipping!

Plan B - bigger tank for the car :slight_smile:

We can still do free shipping to you anywhere in the continental US. :wink:

can ya do free compressors and ill pay for shipping? lol

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No need for bigger tank, Oasis has 24V versions of their XD3000 & XD4000 too.:wink:

How do i get the free shipping? just call and order? when does this offer end?

I can give you free shipping, one time, with the order of an XD3000 or XD4000.

is that this kit? because its the one i’m willing to buy http://www.hornblasters.com/products/details.php?i=shocker-540-train-horn-kit

No, the offer is only good for the XD3000 or XD4000 air compressors ordered from Oasis manufacturing.

Hornblasters sells them for less and includes a 3 foot stainless steel hose and a 3/8" check/unloader valve. http://www.hornblasters.com/products/details.php?i=oasis-xd3000-air-compressor and http://www.hornblasters.com/products/details.php?i=oasis-xd4000-air-compressor

is there a way i can build my own oasis compressor? lol

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Sure there is. Get a York ET210, put 2 grooves for rings on the pistons, 1 for the compression ring and 1 for the oil control. Drill a hole between the suction side and crankcase. Place a scouring pad in the chamber you just drilled and make sure it doesn’t interfere the valve plate. Machine a finned head for it. Drill and tap the crankshaft bearing plate for the sight glass. Build a frame or find a way to attach a golf cart motor. Machine or buy a coupler that will fit between the motor and pump’s crankcase. Buy enough 4 gauge welding cable so that both power & ground will reach the battery. Get a 200 amp constant current solenoid and control it with a pressure switch. Design and build a circuit board that shuts down the compressor when the voltage from the battery drops too low.

sweet ima get started.

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Haha - piece of cake! lol