Hornblasters Goats!! FREE!!!

Come get them! lol They are free. If you are looking for some crazy goats then you have found the right place. Spread the word.

can you ship it via ups? aahahah JK

are yall really givin em away?

awww, how sad!

What did they do now?


hahahah thats great

They keep getting out of the fence area and I don’t want to get my truck dirty with goat guts when I leave work. I just washed the truck. So if someone wants to keep my truck clean that would be great.

Come get these goats!!

i got to witness “the chase” first hand the other day haha

damn goat tried to hump my leg one day.

haha…He wouldn’t now…his balls are gone :slight_smile:

are they fainting goats?

Whats up Garrett? You still have the goats? I have 4 pigmy goats that are grown and have room for more. Are yours pigmy or fullsize? Let me know. Thanks, Jeff

LoL, welcome to the forums. You can callthem directly if you are serious about getting them

Goatboy is a Pigmy, and the others are crosses between pigmy and fainting goats.
They are winners!!!

Welcome to the forum Fro!

I’ll take them, Just let me know. Thanks, Jeff

Jeff matt’s out of the office today he will get back to you in a day or so

LOL… how often do they faint? If they can faint on command I’ll take one.

you scare them. and they fall over. its terribly funny

Well…I wish someone would have picked up these goats because unfortunately last night I backed over one of the smaller females.

It was dark…they all lay under my truck, i reved it up and backed out slowly…and that was the only one that didn’t move. Soo…I slowly back up and BUMPBUMP!! Ya…it’s dead.


Rip dear goat!