Hornblasters Horn Remote

Just wondering on the progress of the remote for our horns…I think you guys were making one that works a mile and half away… Just wondering how its doing and if there is a release or price range on it yet…

Imagine an antennae just for our horns, lol.

your thinking small… imagine a satellite!! haha being able to honk ur horn anywhere in the world…lmao

Hooked up to my compustar remote start / alarm i can honk mine up to 3000+ feet away :wink: Any farther and you cant see the truck / protect, to make sure no one is damaging it, lol… If i were to get another alarm / starter it would be one of the ones you can control from your phone (android / iphone)… Then your talking about honking it from where ever you want!

which ones is that you can control with your droid?? and u can honk it from where ever u want??

I already can use my Panic Alarm button since my horns are wired to my horn. I had to use it the other day because I wasn’t sure where I parked my car in the 50 thousand square feet parking lot at the mall, lol.