Hornblasters PA

Has anyone heard any news about the Hornblasters PA? In December I saw a post that they would be for sale in 8 weeks. Anyone heard anything?


te hornblaster pa system is pretty nice and cheap

the wires kinda fell out of mine so i have no air horn…its ok not as loud as i would like seems like no one can hear me scream at them hahaha

u want loud? get some whelen pa system and air horn then

Where can I mount the microphone for the HB pa? does it come with soemthing I can drill into my car to hold the mic?

Hmmmmm me want one!!!

i have one of those things just let me know your adress and pay the shipping and i will send it to u for free

Yea ive seen that one but I heard about a 100 watt PA hornblaster is gonna make and will compete with the WHELEN. In tippmanphreaks sig he has the same thing bout getting the 100 watt soon

shhh I don’t want to give anything away :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m planning on well documenting the install. and putting it in the installations section.

Secret squirrel!!..

HAHAHA yup I could be an FBI agent with all my secrecy!