HornBlasters Pressure Switches

Introducing the first generation of HornBlasters pressure switches!

150 PSI 40 Amp Pressure Switch

200 PSI Dual 40 Amp Pressure Switch

These switches are completely sealed, heavy duty, and precise. They come pre-wired and labelled for convenience and make your life easy! Most importantly they are made in the USA!

The 200 PSI version can handle two compressors up to 40 amps each and is a one of a kind unit! Both switches come with a 1 year warranty and our guarantee that you’ll be satisfied!

As well as that, we’ve fitted them with 1/4in NPT threading so you don’t need a reducer for any tank with 1/4in ports. Again to make life easier, it has Vibraseal paste pre-applied to the threads. Also it comes in a smaller form factor than similar products, making it look a lot cleaner.

Please feel free to respond with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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I’m sure you could make them work with an XD3000 if you know which 2 wires to use…lol.

I like the look of those alot better than the viair ones.

thats awesome!!!

any chance of there being a 180psi version?

i dont want to quite go to 200 because i had it mess up my old horns (siege) but would like a little more than 150 since my current 150 shuts off at 140ish…

Looks like a good product and all but i would never spend 50-60 dollars on a pressure switch. Seems a bit outrageous

Be careful about rating them for up to two 40 amp compressors - unless there’s an 80 amp relay in there lurking…

How about a photo of one next to a dollar bill for size reference?

sweet…i would also like to see that pic next to a bill…i may be able to hide …would this be ok to mount in a side port? Also could this switch be sub’d in for the component included in Part Number: HA-540…thanks

There are two individual 40 amp relays inside the dual compressor switch. I’ll take a photo next to a dollar bill for you guys in a little bit

Good thinking on the relays inside!
I hope you do well with these!

And I hope you also continue to do well with our relays as well…


Thanks Lance!

Heres the photo:

You guys have some awesome looking money!

your money is more colorful!

Hi everyone,
Thank you for all of the input on the new switches. We will always of course continue to offer the Viair products but if someone is looking for a dual compressor solution that’s properly pre-wired, this is the switch. This one’s bulletproof, we’ll actually be showing you video soon of what we mean. Bulletproof.
As an introduction I would like to offer all forum members an opportunity to purchase our new pressure switch at a one time special price simply to launch the new product and offer it to our most valued customers. ( YOU GUYS ) for a great price.

Now thru the end of the year THF members can get our new single single compressor 150PSI Switch or our Dual compressor 200PSI switch for just $35 shipped to your door. You must call or order via email with Garrett to get the price. Happy Holidays!