Hornblasters Shocker Classic

and what they sound like…

Up for sale is a used set of Hornblasters Shocker Classic with the 1/2 inch Upgrade Valve. You will need a tank of at least 3 Gallons with these and at least 100 psi. A compressor is also recommended :stuck_out_tongue: All horns have been tested and do work, the price is $200.00. Shipping is free (On me :stuck_out_tongue: ) For payment I will accept paypal. As seen in the pics, the Horns have been packaged and ready to ship. Message me if interested. Thanks :slight_smile:

:expressionless: OMG … not the beloved Shockers, made famous by your bicycle trailer. What’s going on man?

Gotta pay a ticket, dont have the dough right now to do so. As much as it hurts me to do this, I am doing it, besides, gonna save up with some K3’s for the bike trailer. :wink:

Do you still have these?

Yes sir. Shoot me a pm. sorry for late reply.

These still available?