Hornblasters Shocker s4 train horn kit (used) $210 shipped

Background: I bought these on here for my jeep in March of 09 while on deployment from FEXPLORER07. I never did put them on, and they have been sitting in a box in my garage since. I guess I didn’t want them as bad as I thought afterall. Now I just want what I paid back out of them.

They are used, but has all the horns and none of them are cracked. They also have the fittings as well (the manifold and switch, as well as the fittings on the horns themselves). Tired of getting run off the road when lanes merge? These are for you!

Sorry, I didn’t get the original airline they came with and I never bought more. You are on your own there. Line is cheap, and the discount more than makes up for it. Plus you get a lanyard pull switch I got off eBay. It comes with wiring diagram and inline fuse. It’s homebrew, but I was planning on hiding it in the rollbar padding, so it was a non issue for me. Looking at them there’s nothing I can see wrong. I just need the money to go back into the jeep fund.

Here’s some pics.

So there you have it. Some airline and an air source and you’ll be blasting with the best of them. $210 and they are yours. Shoot me a pm or respond. I prefer paypal and can probably ship next day.

No one?

Where are you located? I have an RS3L Leslie that I need to sell and buy a set like you have. Thanks mark

I’m in Indiana. I can ship wherever.

What part of Indiana

Outside of pendleton, 14 miles north of Indy. Want to check them out?


Bump. Someone has gotta want some sweet horns!

Make offers.

still got em?


Still got em.

Still here. Help me buy a new welder.

lowest price shipped to 42351?

$210 bud. I can ship them tomorrow.

good luck trying to sell while the economy is slow and the market is flooded with others trying to do the same thing.

It’s not like I’m getting worthwhile offers either. They’ll sit here till they sell. I’ve had them this long, it’s not going to hurt if they sit a little longer.

Still here.

Still have the shocker kit for sale? I’m assuming since you said its the kit that you mean the 4 shocker horns and compressor with tank. If so I’ll take it.

Boy wouldn’t that be a deal? The list of included parts with pics is on the first page.