That’s right! Let us know if you need some t-shirts!

$10 +shipping!

Do they have a breast pocket? I like to keep my smokes there.

Are they the collard shirts or the regular with the shocker…???

Hey what about that shirt that you guys use to make…i still have a couple at my house the one with the

caterpillar and the french fry…

what sizing?

The caterpillar and the french fry is old school. We’ll be redoing a lot of the shirts soon. Right now we have Small-4XL in Black, Red, and Blue of the Shocker tee. More will be in soon, so we’ll keep you updated

What’s up what’s up

We’ve got All three Shirts in stock and ready to rock

We’ve got sizes from Medium to 5XL ! ! !

Shirts available in RED, BLUE, or BLACK.

All shirts have our “Mighty Train” logo and URL on the back

The first one’s the Classic Shocker T Shirts, actually says under and above the shocker, two in the pink, one in the stink.

next we got the ever popular Horn If You’re Honky

and finally, new for 2009, is the super elite " F*@K OFF " mindfuck t shirt that looks like a bunch of skribble until you fold the center of the bottom line of text to the middle of the top line of text and the message appears! I just got the following email from Josh, he’s my best friend, works for Hornblasters, and I’m sure you’ve seen him in more then one video before. This is his email,

Waddup man… Yeah im here, I have been working hard since I got here. Its cool here tho, I have my own room , and a good excercise routine, How easy is that??? ha ha Good times here, K man im going back to my side of the base… Oh yeah I wore one of the shirts to the chow hall and everyone was asking me what is said, like people that were higher ranking then me… ha ha I told them it was some kind of arabic… ha ha idiots… Thanks for the shirts man! I am going to give one out or 2 to some guys that are cool… K bro talk soon!!!

The F-Off Shirt Josh talked about, and the other two are available now for just $10 on Hornblasters.com. Happy Passover, Happy Easter, Everyone have a safe great weekend.


Pictures of the Shirts :smiley:
Modeled By Garrett And Matt!!!

Sexy sexy…Dork’s.

and ine of my collared Shirts.

Not the best pictures but i am not posing…so ya.

Garrett & Matt are such hams in front of the camera…LOL

yes they are! =)

lol don’t mess with our calendar boys

fixed the pic… lolol

Superb!!! pmsl!!!

Garrett likes it too. :smiley:

That’s classic…LOL

That shirt is so great I have many of people stop me to ask what the shirt says,But it is like a great way to advertise Hornblasters.

that “F**k Off” design has been around for quite awhile. I had a t-shirt with that on it many years ago.

I got a couple of HORN if ya HONKY’s coming!:smiley:

An old one of Garrett on gay day at Disney… rockin’ the red shocker tee.

ok ehough picking on garrett lolol

sorry dan you had to be the old lady =)