hornblasters wallpaper

I got bored and just messin around threw together a simple wallpaper if you want it you can download it at http://www.knology.net/~v7/hornblasters.jpg its 1280x1024


lol ok i take it your using it

Ok, it’s quickly turning into the official wallpaper of the the computers at Hornblasters. haha. thanks dude!

ok made another…

haha nice… u got some good photoshop skills…

That is bad donkey. I have the first as my background.

this is my background

it just got my vote as #1 horn blasting wallpaper
and is now the first wallpaper for me to ever use ftw.
Matt pay him to make some decals and sell them
on hornblasters.com
i like decals send me all you can pm for info plz plz plz
i get a lot of people asking where to get train horns from send me some biz cards to

Joe, edit your post, I am having a hard time understanding it.


this is all i can do with paint i will get PS later(torrents downloading now)
and lets see what i can do
yes i did that train by hand in paint.net:smiley: