Hornblasters world record bid!

Hi all. I.m now standing in the pit lane at the british formula one track Silverstone.
I.m about to go out on track with about 200+ other MR2’S. Were going to attempt the longest MR2 CONVOY, currently for the guiness book of world records, which is currently set at 163 in the Netherlands. I.m gonna be honking them horns… Big stylie!. Having a briefing now.

well…How cool woz that! I’ve just been on the racetrack Honking in front of thousands of people… Simply fecking awesome! . :slight_smile: if hornblasters dont get more hits from the uk, i.ll eat my horns.

haha awesome any vid’s!!!?

x2 no pics or no videos = FAIL and it never happened… haha :smiley:

LOL! thats awesome PETE!

thats true it never happens without pic’s!!!

Guys…give me a chance pmsl…I cant post vids from my camcorder on my fone! hahaha

My mate videoed it from inside my car, He is going to burn me a copy onto disc, but I wont see him now for about two weeks:(

However I got a couple of pics & will Wh*re them off other sites as well.

I’m yet to find out exactly how many cars we managed to get on track… but just looking at the amount of just red ones made the hair on my testicles stand on end!!!

I forgot to mention…these were just the Red ones, then there woz the black ones, blue ones etc etc I reckon about 250 cars…:smiley:

Just read on the IMOC forum and first figure I have read is 226 cars!!! thats still some feat & is a new world record I believe!:smiley:

wow awesome!!! but still no vid = never happens JK lol

You cheeky fek!!! pmsl… not for a couple of weeks…sorry… I might badger him to get the vid sent to me on disc… hey will this do? a pic my mate took whilst watching the drifting…that woz it…game over for me!!!

A couple more…SORRY!!!

I’m in the first two pics in my 'Ornblaster Tee shirt…

Me on the right…

Far left…

Peeps, I’m sorry… I’m still buzzing from this event:D:D:D:D…hence I’m Post Wh*ring…

awesome photos stinky but still no vid = never happens!


HAHAHAHAHAHahahahahahahahaha…ssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh lol lol its coming…lol

ok hahahahahah You wanted video…heres someones!! Honk Honk!!! hahahah

This aint mine but just found this on youtube!!! Me Honking!!! :smiley:



Well done!

Nice honk!

Stinky, now I’am believing you, it really happens! :D:D:D:D:D

you lot have no faith ha ha ha i.m drivin my little van around at moment… Its horrible… My horn just goes meep meep…

haha your hornless. i share your sadness :stuck_out_tongue: i couldn’t do without

factory horns just don’t cut it

i’ve noticed that when blasting my horns people attend to traffic rules in all of the sudden!, especially the bicyclists in the city XD… its magnificent

Its orrible, feel naked with out my horns… I.ll have to get another set lol lol… And to make matters worse, i always see more brilliant horn blast’s when i.m in the van… For instance i jus drove part a park and some people were filming a Cheerleader dance routine! That would have been wicked!

hahha finally… now i trust u jk ice honking there bud