HornBlasting/pulled over!!!

Oh god I’ll keep this short but right now its 330am and I just got home. I had the best night of HornBlasting I have ever had.

So I was playing poker at my neighbors house, we played for about four hours. I just had my wisdom teeth removed a week ago and they were sayin that alcohol would counteract the anti-bacterial pills. I stayed totally sober. We went to waffle house afterwards. I took my car and my buddys mustang. We were both sober. I hit my horn a few times on the way there, and they were getting into it.

After waffle house we hit up a few wal-marts, some more waffle houses, and a sonic. oh, we also hit up some bars and Flora-baba. We were gonna call it a night, but decided to hit up one last place. We went from Flora-bama, to florida, and back to Alabama (over the bridge). We went to see if ONE MORE bar was open. It was closed. The people following behind us pulled into a lumber store. We followed and as I was leaving I did a quick little honk-honk.

Well guess what, their was a cop passing by. He turned around (my friend said he turned around and pulled in a used car lot and turned his lights off. IDK about that though…), got right on my a$$, and lit me up. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

So he said I had an equipment violation, which I replied in my head as (frick frick frick vjlskdfjas;kjfa;jkf) He then said the equipment violation is my back light. :DIt was out. He said he wasn’t gonna give me a ticket, and by that time I realized he just wanted to make sure we were sober, and that was the excuse to pull me over. I told him “I’m not drunk sir, I just have bad breath”. Well, I kinda did, it was 2am.

He ran our id’s, -HE DIDN’T ASK ME FOR MY REGISTRATION, WHICH IS EXPIRED LOLOL well it is up to date, I just don’t have the thingy in my car-
He gave me my id, and said “Well, here’s your ID and here’s a little present…for that bad breath” I really thought he gave me a ticket. It was some take 5 gum. Chewing it as I’m typing lol. Still has flavor.

No ticket. What an eventful night

Sorry for the long post.


so you have an “equipment” violation?
sounds like a personal problem :stuck_out_tongue:

haha this thread is full of win

LOL, sounds like you got lucky and it was a very cool cop.

very nice to hear man. I was waiting to read the fresh prince song… lol

I have a little preasent to help cure that equipment violation for you there Tippmann. Look under my socks in my top drawer and you’ll find a small bottle (my secret). Viagra! Fix that problem right up man.
Great story. L’d MAO.

haha never heard “equipment violation” before.
lucky you tho for gettn away

Haha thanks guys. I’ll add that when I got those ppl at sonic, the black guy that was working there RAN inside, almost falling. I laughed at the top of my lungs, and sounded like a little girl. I need my P.A, so I don’t have to yell and sound all high pitched :o hey, atleast I’m honest.

x2 lol

Great story man. Nothing like getting pulled over and sweating it out only to be let go with no ticket. Especially when you were just horning everyone. And sonics have to be the best place to scare. So many victims in one place, under cover to amplify the sound, and totally unsuspecting. :slight_smile:

I haven’t been pulled over with the train horn yet but I am not too worried since it can’t be seen at all even with the hood open or looking under the truck. All I have to do is flip my toggle back to factory mode and play dumb. They can’t prove the horn came from me unless they spot the compressor in the bed, which is covered and locked so they would need a search warrant, and even then I would just claim it is for an air tool setup or for suspension bags when I am towing. But I would still sweat it out.

Best experience I had was being pulled over for a blatant failure to stop at a stop sign. I was so guilty I didn’t even plan to fight it. Sailed through that intersection at 25 with the cop right behind me. He came up to the window all mad but as soon as I showed him my ID with gun permit he just thanked me for carrying a gun and left without further comment, never even telling me why he stopped me even though it was obvious. Worst experience I had was being ripped out of the car window at gun point in a crowded city at rush hour, arrested on live television, and having my car towed away, only to have all charges dropped later with an apology. But that is another very long story not related to train horns… :slight_smile:

That sounded like a top night with a result at the end…LOL!!

Fair play buddy!!!

My friend has been pulled over before and recieved at 125.00$ ticket for improper horn use.

MILL!! Your stinkys friend right?

Man that would suck. My friend had a gun pulled on him because he forgot to cover up his paintball gun in his back seat (realistic looking paintball gun) I haven’t had any really bad experiences…yet.

Yeah man, and I was honking at 3am, so their could have been other charges if he wanted to get me. Disturbing the peace (maybe), well…I can’t think of them right now, but their are a few charges that could be put on just one train horn honk.

has anyone ever actually had to remove their horns?
this is the ticket i fear getting the most! since it wasnt exactly easy/cheap getting them in in the first place…
im pretty cautious with honking because of that

remove the horn i don’t there is such ticket i got one for 114.00… and he never told me anything about removing the horns of my car…

You owe that man a trip around the block with your girlfriend. :wink:

Search the state and local codes where you live for sections pertaining to vehicles or automotive equipment. In most cases there will be a section related to horns but most of these laws do not prohibit you from having the horn - just from using it an unsafe or imroper manner. So the most they can do is ticket you for each violation (assuming you are caught) and not force you to remove the horn.

The only exceptions would be if your state or local area does have a law explicitly banning the installation of a train horn, or if the installation of your horn made your vehicle unsafe or led to violation of some other law. So don’t remove your muffler, catalytic converter, baby seat, or seatbelts during the installation, and don’t block the view of your windshield, and don’t have some part of your vehicle dragging on the ground and you should be ok. :slight_smile:

Some state laws are available for free on the web:

hmmm that makes sense. ill check it out