horns acting weird

it rained yesterday. i blew the horns and sounded fine. today when i woud blow the horns only the 2 forward facing small ones would sound off. If i held the button down the other 2 would sound off a second or 2 later. let me add i didnt drive in heavy rain or flooded roads of any sort. Any help or advice on what i cold do would be great!!

Are they all facing forward, and did you drive while it was raining?

Horns have a funnel type shape to them, so it’s possible that you have some water in them. Blow them out or wait till it dries out and try them again. It’s normal.


Only 2 horns are facing forwards. Is there anything safe I can spray in them? It just makes me wonder why the forward facing ones are suddenly sounding off before the rear facing horns.

What type horns? Are they on a manifold or are there separate air lines going to each trumpet?

It’s 4 separate horns and 4 separate airlines…only two facing forwards someone told me could be just because of the moisture and cold causing the valve to act up…

Valve could be actiing up… just a add on make sure all your lines are close to equal in size as possible for proper blowing of your horns

Yea. They have been blowing normal for the past month. Just started acting up on Friday. Any thing anyone knows of I could spray in the valve that’s safe and won’t short it out?

I’m not leaning towards the valve being the issue…after all you say 2 of the horns are blowing then the other 2 chime in, correct?

Are all your air lines of equal length? Or are the air lines to the 2 horns that blow first shorter than the lines on the other 2?

Empty a few tanks of air through the horns.
Clear them fvckers out!

haha…i’ll do that!!! :smiley:

update: ok…so today it got to about 80. i emptied my tank last night to make sure there would be no moisture in there over night. today around 7 i filled the tank then released the air out through the pressure release valve. then disconnected the lines from the horns and blew out the air that way. then went out and blew the horns. still got only like 2 horns blowing at first then i hit the button again and all 4 blow. its buggin me on what it could be. maybe too much pressure? im thinkin the pressure switch is not shutting off when it should and adding a lil too much pressure.