Horns and Excessive Vibration

Does anyone know if excessive vibration will have any negative affects or shorten the life of diaphragms, gaskets or maybe the manifold? The reason I ask is because my horns are mounted on the frame of my rig under the cab and I drive on some pretty rough roads in the bush. Should I be worried about this? I see Nathan manufacturing recommends mounting their horns on a 2" neoprene gasket to reduce vibrations but how many of you actually do this?

shouldnt… but i will warn you that i had my k3 mounted under my truck and when i took it off i did notice 2 of the bolts had loosened up a little bit so i would keep a check on your mounting bolts if anything.

That gasket is mainly for sealing the air. Most trains don’t have fittings in the base, they just bolt down to the roof with the gasket in
between and it seals the air in

Another thing to remember is how much a train vibrates… Alot lol. I wouldn’t worry too much about hurting them but do like seven said and keep a check on the bolts every once in awhile.

Thanks guys! I did use lock washers and locktite but I will definetly be checking them to satisfy my paranoia.