Horns Facing Down In Truck Bed?????????

Has anybody installed horns facing down in truck bed? That’s how I want to install but I haven’t seen anybody with horns facing down in truck bed and i want an opinion before I start cutting lines.

ive seen it before… go for it… not a bad install unless ur truck has air ride suspension…lol

Does your truck have a bed liner that will absorb some of the sound? I asked this same question in your introduction thread.

The bed liner is spray-in. I’m hoping the bed will provide better reverb. It would also make the installation easier because the system would be all inclusive in a tool box. Sorry I didn’t get a notification of the reply to the introduction thread. Hornblaster Shocker with 1/2in upgrade kit.

The horns need room to “project.” I don’t know what the minimum stand off is before sound quality is compromised. You might want to check with Mat.

The B1 horn is only gonna have like 3 inches of clearance.