Horns in a boat?

Anyone ever mounted horns in a boat? I have plenty of room in the engine compartment for the tank and compressor but have no clue where I would mount the horns. I ask this because it will be a factor in determining what kit I need to buy.

The compressor and tank can be screwed to the floor in the engine compartment very securely but the horns need to be mounted somewhere for the sound to be effective don’t they? if so, everything else on the boat is fiberglass and I don’t have too many surfaces to screw to.

Not sure if I should mount the horns outside on top of my wakeboard tower as that would require at least 25 feet of line to run and I’m not sure there would be a degradation of sound.

I was thinking about buying the Hornblasters conductor special but don’t know what unit to get at this time.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

edit: Moderator, if this needs to be in the installation forum please feel free to move it. I wasn’t sure so I posted here. Thanks.

I can get you a new in box Leslie RS3K, with horns #31, #37 and #48 - factory tuned to D#, F# and A# for $750 delivered to your door.

the conductors special is a great set of horns i would suggest one of the kits with atleast 150 psi as they will be louder, 25’ of airline is perfectly fine the solenoid valve needs to be mounted within 1-2 feet of the horn that way there wont be hardly any delay in sound

Wakeboard tower would be the best location.

Are you the guy that sells RS-3-Ks on ebay under the name jackson-performance-transmission? He’s selling the exact horns for that same price.

use a small set up, this is a 1 gal with a 280c i believe it is

Run a nathan k3 or k5 on ur boat… That would be kick donkey, and just mount it on whatever open spot u have… Those horns would just travel all down the water

I have seen it done before. Pretty cool.


Are you the guy that sells RS-3-Ks on ebay under the name jackson-performance-transmission? He’s selling the exact horns for that same price.

No…lol…that is Luke Jackson. I have dealt with him in the past. He lives in North Carolina, he is a good guy.

conductors special?
run 200 PSI.
the second i hit 200 psi i can NEVER go back to anything below 170.
the tone kicks in hard at 200. (no fade in sound)
i think its cool when there is more air line, because then the honk rings and slowly dies

but for a boat, the conductors special is perfect.
or a high mount k3 or 5

Eh personally I think 200 is too much for the black horns. Im fine with 150 I dont really like how 200 sounds.

you can get a good leslie rs3k for cheaper than $750.00 to your door. just order the horn directly from leslie or windham…A brand new leslie rs3k is $375.00 to your door…

HBs4 would be perfect for a small ski boat since they are actually marine horns; loud, but not too loud. You’ll be sitting right underneath them. A K5 or K3 would be nice just make sure you and your passengers wear ear protection…lol!! 150psi would suffice. Install at least 5gals. of air if it will fit.