Horns keep blowing

I purchased a shocker kit and attempted installing it I fabricated a mount and got everything perfect. Wiring not so simple. I purchased a relay and used a wiring Schematic that they provided and some others I found. Well that didn’t work at all. The compressor didn’t even turn on. So I said screw it and used hornblasters method. So here’s my problem my compressor turns on but my horns keep blowing? What did I do wrong ? I have a 2013 ram

Well, if the air solenoid is constantly open it can only mean one of two things - either it’s broken, or more likely you have constant power applied.

Post a diagram or explanation as to how you hooked it up.

This app won’t let me upload a picture. I have my power line, (which is currently not hooked up due to this issue) with a in line 35 amp fuse to the compressor. Compressor grounded. Train horns and solenoid grounded. Power wire spliced into my factory horn wire with a toggle switch. The only thing I could think of being wrong is my horn wires. I have two horns, one has a factory harness with a white and black wire which I spliced into the white wire. Since that didn’t work I tried splicing into the second horn which is connected to the first horn by two black wires and I guessed which was positive.
How can I check the solenoid ??

Another thing I didn’t mention, when I flip the toggle switch my stock horn still works whether the toggle switch is on or off. Which I don’t Think is supposed to be happening right ?

Welcome to the forum. It is possible to download pictures, documents, and drawings if they’re the right size. A schematic would help a lot.

I took one with my iPhone idk why it won’t even let me upload a small version keeps shaking upload failed after 4%
Here’s the link to it online

Sounds like you may need to get a hold of a simple multimeter so you can check your wiring. The solenoid is a simple animal - all it needs is ground on one wire and power on the other (which way round doesn’t matter). When it has those two foods it opens up and eats air.

Common issues I’ve seen is that people get confused because they have a negative switched horn circuit instead of a positive one. See here for some relevant info:

I figured it out I feel like a noob haha solenoid was backwards. That’s what I get for installing at night

Oppssss I was about to say you have the solenoid round the wrong way! Has happened to me once upon a time. There is an arrow on the solenoid :smiley:

Yea I saw that when I went through and double checked everything :stuck_out_tongue:
This is my first train horn install so it was all new to me. But glad to say everything is working perfect. I wired a 30 amp toggle switch to the compressor WITH the 35 amp in line fuse it came with. as instructed to do so by hornblasters. Love these horns so much haha

It’s always the simple things.