Horns mounted in front behind grille

How many people are running this setup?

I was thinking when I get my Conductor’s Special that I wanted to mount the horns facing down behind the grille. The only thing that worries me is running the airline around the engine and the amount of airline between the valve and the horns.

this is a great setup! i had it on my old s10… just make sure to tie down the airline so its not floating around and keep it away from the manifold and anything that gets really hot or spins!

thats what i love about my dodge is the side frame rails are boxed in so it totaly protects my airline from the front to the back

What type of vehicle do you have?

2006 GMC Sierra crewcab

take a look at my setup… might be able to get some ideas…


^Hey thanks alot man. That setup looks great.

Very nice truck btw.

Thanx, for the comments. I enjoy every minute of driving in my truck :slight_smile:

just as scaredu said make sure you tie down the airlines and remember to put the solenoid as close to the horns…better response sound…