horns not all sounding at once. shocker 240

Had the shocker 240 horns for 4 year now. Acting up after new air valve solenoid and 4 way manifold. Only really happens wen I honk it for the first time. It sounds like only a few of the horns are working but if I honk them again they sound normal. All line is cut to correct length. Hornblasters troubleshooting page says “a side fitting was used to connect air source to manifold” and to check to make sure line is going into the center of the manifold" what does this mean? Any help is appreciated. Thx

Have you checked for water in the system?
I would try and disconnect the lines going from the splitter to the horns then trigger the solenoid to make sure that works ok. After that work through each of the lines to check for blockages etc.

Yea I always drain the tank cause a little moisture always gets in. But I disconnected all lines and let it dry out for a few days bc I though the same. If I disconnect the lines from the splitter the solenoid works fine. I just cant tell if all 4 are getting air at the same or what the issue is. Im stumped :confused:

Could be that some rust flakes from the tank made their way down the line and are blocking some of the horn orifices. Try blasting each horn individually and then inspect the manifold to make sure it is clear.

Ok so i messed it with it some more. Air comes out of the manifold when solenoid opens like it should. blew the lines out and air comes out of all 4 lines. The manifold and solenoid are brand new. Can the problem exist in the horns top fitting? Should I blow the horns with a compressor or will it damage them? It seems two are easier to blow then the other two. Could the horns be damaged? The diaphragms arnt busted.

Welcome to the forum. What size is your tank and what pressure are you using?

Im running a 2 gallon tank on 150 psi. Took all the horns off blew them out and cleaned them and all of them work fine. Also took the fittings off and cleaned them out and blew them out with the compressor and the problem still exist. This is getting really frustrating bc its all so simple.

Called hornblasters and they seem to think I have moisture behind the diaphragm on one or more of the horns causing them to stick at times. Guess ill try to get the moisture out and try to narrow it down to which horn is giving me the problem.