Horns on uk tv........

Hey all,

I sold another set of Horns (Shockers) at the weekend. The guy was in a rush to buy them & did not even question the price.
5mins later my Paypal account was in credit for a few quid.

It turns out the guy who bought them was commissioned to build this Advertising Vehicle for Paddy Power, They are a new online Betting Shop.
They wanted some realistic Horns for this truck as it was due to go on the road to Horn blast football matches etc etc. The Vuvuzela has been apparently banned from all Euro 2012 games.
I also sold them a 100m remote control for more added fun!

They are making a new advert for TV this week & the Horns will be used for 1 & a half days filming.

Check out the first video before they bought the Shockers.


I will post up the new advert when its done.:smiley:

Doing big things man! Congrats

Thanks mate, Its kind of exciting…:smiley:

Spreading the Hornblasters love in the UK:D

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