Horns on youtube

could anyone tell me which is the model of horns which are used on the youtube videos of HORNBLASTERS …thankss

which video? and welcome

the first vids were nathan k3s. most of the terror vids the crown vic has upgraded to a k3 and a k5.

correct me if im wrong

in this one for example


i think,…not sure but think those are k3?

i thought that the setup was 2 k3las and 1 k5la

it is and all at once

but 6 horns is NOT twice as loud as three

Why not?

I’m no physicist, but sound is the movement of air. Two devices capable of producing a particular dB each, are producing 2X dB (moving twice as much air) when sounding together.

Hey Johnny, when you hit your 2nd set of K5LA’s, can you tell if the combined volume is twice as loud, or ABOUT twice as loud?

OK, there are good reasons I’m not a physicist… it’s because I don’t have a clue. :confused:

Here is a web page I found that calculates the combined dB of 2 devices… low volumes (say 3dB) double, but for our purposes here, say a 150 dB train horn, not even close to doubling, if this is correct:


BECAUSE: (according to the link) “Decibels are logarithmic units and can’t be added like other numbers.”

More, from:


[i]"When you double the decibels, it isn’t twice as loud.

The measurement of noise (bels and decibels) is logarithmic. In other words 40 decibels is not just twice as loud as 20 decibels. And, 40 decibels is actually about nine times as loud as 20 decibels. The reason for this is that loudness increases approximately three times for every bel (or 10 decibels). So 30 decibels is three times as loud as 20 decibels. 40 decibels is three times as loud as 30 decibels. This makes 40 decibels nine times as loud as 20 decibels. Loudness itself is quite subjective. What sounds twice as loud to one person may not sound twice as loud to another. To the average human ear, however, an increase of 10 decibels means that the perceivable increase in noise is triple the noise. "[/i]

So, using the calculator, 2 train horns that produce 150 dB each, when sounding together, produce about 153 dB.

So, “If loudness increases approximately three times for every bel (or 10 decibels)”, it would take, what… 156 dB to be TWICE as loud as 150 dB?

So, it appears then, that having 2 sets of train horns (153 dB) is about ONE and ONE HALF times as loud (or said another way, 50% louder) as just one set of horns?

Someone help me out here before I hurt myself…:confused:


I have to say, my K5LA’s are already so ridiculously loud. People have told me they feel it in their stomach, or that it even hurts a little, when standing near my truck and I blast them. Adding a second set to get 50% louder… while I admit I’d like to do it, is probably more effective in getting an omni-directional blast, or if wanting to blast someone loudly from more of a distance…

Still sounds like fun to me! :smiley:

http://www.hornblasters.com/installs/set/?terror-on-the-streets-marauder explains it all there

Okay the crown vic is a K5, the marauder is 1 K5 and 2 K3’s

sounds like a k3ha

the terror on the streets marauder in that vid is absolutely horn overload ridiculous. i mean COME ON, a k5 is enough but adding 2 k3’s as well?



i can’t imagine how loud that is in person. vids never quite do these horns justice

edit: Where is the air tank(s) in that marauder? none on the install pics

PC1, dBs to the human ear, if I remember this correctly, for each 10 dB increase, it doubles the loudness(to the human ear). So 150 dBs is retardedly loud, so for you to get a 160 it would have to double the loudness to the human ear… which is ridiculous.

I also saw on the discovery channel that 200dBs can kill a human.

Behind the Plexiglass window

that’s something to strive for