Hose length matter (no homo)

Two of the hoses coming from my solenoid are 1’, two are 2’.

Does it make a difference? I know what the instructions say, but they may just be saying that.

not i wouldnt recommend more than 8’ between solenoid and horns. the more hose between them, the longer it takes the valve to cut the horns off

I have all different length hoses… sounds fine to me

if its going from the selenoid to the horn, you would think it makes a big difference, but twist is sayin he has all different lengths…woulnt it take longer to get to the longer horn then the shorter line horn?

yea the rear horns or the 2 big horns sound a tad bit first. (they are only a couple feet away from the valve) and then the front ones. Its just a tad, like hardly anything, here is a video of mine. You cant really tell that 2 horns are only a couple feet away, whereas the 2 smaller ones are probably 8+ feet away.


it matters and it dosent matter the only thing it will change is you MAY hear one horn sound like a 1/10 of a second first… if this dosent bother you its fine… it will in NO WAY damage the horns…

whoah i think i like it better like that…give it more of a train sound…or is it just me hearin that?

i like it when the chord on the s4s is even with all horns at the same volume


the way pressure works, all surfaces will feel about equal pressure for pressure to exist… but since these horns let some air out regardless of pressure, there might be a difference. I wonder how fast the air travels… anyways I’m guessing theres not much dif, just making sure all my horns are at least making noise.

at 150 and 200psi the air travels fast. there isnt much of a difference. If you can, put the horns together, however, if your tight on space like I was on my accord, then you can split them up. its not really a big deal.

Air movement is cubic feet per minute or liters per minute depending on where you’re at.

Knowing the consumption rate of your horns and being able to provide it to each of them is important.

TWIST- it sounds like you have a delay from your solenoid to your horns. how far is your AIRLINE…from your solenoid to your horns…??

HBTX in response, there may be some delay, however it doesn’t bother me. I had to split up the horns due to space and It works fine. 2 horns are up front, 2 in the back, and the solenoid is close to the back 2 horns. So probably 8+feet to the front horns and It isnt going to change. It isnt worth the trouble

^^^ o i got you…i thought maybe it was the video you know how sometimes cameras have that lag from sound… no worries

It may be that too. I dont notice it, and it not the most fancy camera anyway. I like how they sound

yeah i admit they have that locomotive sound…

i have mine up under the doors, two on each side, and the solenoid is right under the driver door, and there really isnt a noticable diff. one hose is less the 6", one is about a foot and 2 are what, mabye 4’ or so.