Hose length

So, I am going to install the S4 kit today and I was wondering is it bad/not optimal to have a lot of hose length from the solenoid to the horns?

I believe u should hav ethe solenoid as close and u can to the horns

donkey short as possible… if possible screw the distibution block into the solonoid

thats what ive done…but i have the new alligator clips…

Is there a reason why?

the air is at the very end and is just waiting to come out… when u honk it will be faster and somewhat louder… i am telling u this from expericance…

when i first installed mine…mine was about 6 inches from the tank, because wiring was easier for me and i was lazy… this was also in the back of my xterra. the air would be held at then end where the selinoid was. so it would have to travel all the way up to the front and then spread thru to the horn…was a bit a of a dealy and not really that loud… now that i have it 6 inches from the horns…the blasts are faster and more force is there to the horns…dosent have to build up the little bit thats in the line…

Lol u get what i mean?

Indeed, well thanks for everyones help!