Hosing to bandit 400/missing parts

I just got my kit and cant get the hose to stay on the horn. Is there a missing piece that should secure it on? Also there were not enough nuts.

Chris Contact hornblasters tomorrow between 10-6 eastern so that they can clear this up for you

i know they’ll take good care of you!

I called them up. They are sending me the missing pieces I need. I am a little upset I have to wait a little longer but I am very impressed with the customer service! :slight_smile:

When u get honking trust me u wont be upset anymore…

And I cannot wait!!! haha. I was going to get the shocker but being an 18 year old money is a bit of an issue for me right now lol. I guess I can always upgrade and just buy the shocker horns at a later time.

wait a couple weeks lol… ull be upgrading… i started with the 150 psi and now im at a bigger tank and 200 psi and now savin up for the k3’s

oh dont worry you will upgrade very soon… lol i went threw 3 sets of different horns till i bought an s4, which is well worth it!

hey farmerehsan i just install the s4 u sold me lol. they sound honking laud bro i have 8 right now.

damn thats tight…answer this tho… is it louder? or is it deeper? explain to me how the sound is

its of course a lil louder but a lot deeper bro i just love it men i have the 8 of them in the front lol when i install it i went to my girl house and call her at the phone to tell het to come out when she was walking by the front of the car i honk it she jump 3 feet in the air lol so funny she was like what u put now baby that poop sound loud lol

^ nice

haha seriously, upgrading sucks…it’s better to start ground autozone horns and go up from there…lol seriously, One a K horn isn’t loud enough, you’ve got problems, because you want to spend another $1K getting louder, and your friends think your crazy…

If you haven’t heard a shocker set in person before, boy the first time you hear one your like WTF!! I WANT ONE…

Once you outgrow those horns, you will want to go straight to a Nathan!

i havent even had mine for 7 moonths and i want k3’s

thanks…me and curtis were wondering how it owuld sound…hes looking into doin it… try and geta sound clip of it

Ya, i’m sure by the end of summer when I get the money saved, i’ll be getting new ones lol. Do you think my 1.5 gallon 120 PSI tank will be enough to start out with if I upgrade to the shocker?

it wont be great but its not bad…ur honkin time wont be that long…if u go to k3 then u need to get rid of that

i will make a video today and i will post it here. I will buy a 2004 Nissan Maxima this june and i will give my explorer to my mom and i will put the 8 horns on the maxima plus i will buy a k3 and put it too with a 15 gallon tank that i already have and i will need to get another 480c compressor that would be laud lol

i start with a kit from ebay. I have no idea what hornblasters was well i paid 450.00 for my 1st kit. two month after i was in youtube looking for train horns vids and i saw hornblasters well i sold my kit for 250 300 and i bought the s4 kit with 1.5 gallon then i sold the tank and compressor and bought a 5 gallon with 480c then i bought from my friend farmerehsan another set of s4 and thats how i have now honking LOVE IT and people honking hate me lol