House HV/AC Compressor?

I have 2 of them just sitting, anyone ever use them as an air compressor? cant find anything online about them being used as such, thought I would give it a shot…

Those compressors are designed to use the returning low temp refrigerant gas to cool the internals. It would pump, but not for long.

I have 2 giant compressors that look like the “Fridge Compressor” style.

Interesting guy on those videos. Knows just enough about a lot of things, just enough to be dangerous. :D:D:D:D:D

yup! :smiley: Muhuhahahaha!!! here some pics

Good old Bristol compressors. Changed out quite a few over the years.

check out belt driven air compressors

not to mention this post is ove ra year old. But 2 totally different things, car compressors with a few mods can handle 200PSI (google york on board air) the one pictures is pretty much from a 120/220v fridge or similar

just thought I would put it out there I know old ford ac compressors can work but i thought the price was pretty good

Little Shop Mfg uses our York pump.

If you don’t have room in the engine compartment then get an Oasis XD3000 or XD4000 air compressor for the same performance. See them by clicking on “Shop Online” at the top of the screen.

Ah. I have actually lost interest in this project I was originally going to use it to air up some tanks at my house. I have 2 york Compressors That I will be figuring out how to mount under the Hood of my Tahoe and a 33 Gallon Propane Tank from my Brothers Motorhome.

Kilby Enterprises (they have a new name since 2005; same folks behind it) will have all the stuff you need to put a York in your truck.

You can also simplify it by using a winch motor and put it all inside a bed mounted tool box.