how can I stop leaks

So I have done a few horn installs and have always managed to fix leaks on no bigger than 1/2in ports so good that I can leave it for a week and it might loose 5 psi in a five gallon tank. but now i have a new tank that has 4 1in ports and I cant get them to stop leaking. all the other ports are not leaking its just the 1in ports.

I got them as tight as I could with thread tape on then and all but one is leaking like crazy. I can hear one leaking and when I put sopy water on the rest and they bubble like crazy at only 50psi.

I was about to take the fittings out and put more thread tape on them but thought I see if you guys knew if there was any thing better to use other than tread tape. and should I worry about over tightening the fittings.

Teflon (thread) tape is damn near useless…

Try Loctite 545 sealant… once tightened, it will never leak again unless you loosen or further tighten the fitting.

Data Sheet here:

loctite good stuff!

i’ve had no leaks in the almost 3 years on my fittings with teflon you just have to know how to use it minimum of 3-4 wraps around the fitting and tighten it down make sure non of the teflon is over the opening of the fitting and make sure to wrap the teflon clockwise as if you were tightening a nut onto the fitting

+1 on Teflon tape sucking. I used some type of silicone thread sealant, I forget the name/brand tho.

Listen to Lance, we recommend Loctite too, besides there’s a possibility that pieces of the tape can get into the compressor when used on the suction side and screw things up. It could mess up a check valve on the discharge side too.

Teflon tape does seal, but it also comes apart, migrates throughout your system and does nasty things to pressure switches, valves and other orifices. A liquid sealant such as 545 does none of these things and does one thing well… SEALS!

Werd on the loctite. just make sure you let it completely set and dry before pressuring up ur system. and another benifit to the loctite is you dont have to overtighten your fittings

FYI - Loctite 545 is anaerobic, meaning it cures in the absence of oxygen. Still, there should be some time given to allow a full cure. -Just NEVER tighten or loosen the fittings that are sealed with it again, or you will break the seal and a leak will develop.

will used liquid teflon on mine???

Pipe dope is another good sealer! (that’s not the kind you smoke…lol)

Thats what I’m using, some wierd blend pipe sealer with teflon in it. Works WONDERS:)

If you have a ‘tap’ large enough to chase the threads in your tank; teflon tape will work…But most of us don’t have a tap this large in our tool boxes. Use Loctite and you’re golden. Especially if you’re running pressures higher than 150psi.

I’ve just sealed 17 fittings on my setup and I’m leaking 10 psi an hour…

What brand of pipe dope do you guys use?

Has anyone tried this? It got decent reviews :). I just bought this… I hope it works well.

I hate leaking… It’s the one thing that pisses me off the most. Besides loctite and tape, what do you guys use?

Looks like good stuff. I’ll probably use that stuff or the Permatex equivalant to Loctite 545.

So you used pipe dope? For best results you’ll have to clean it off really well.

Data sheet:

No, I haven’t used pipe dope. I only used loctite 545.

I just bought a brand new bottle of 50ml of it too… Now I can’t return it :/.

How well do you have to clean the threads to use this thread sealer? Or, do you not have to clean them at all?

Was just wondering if you used pipe dope because it would be a lot harder to get clean.

I was just quoting out of that data sheet to clean the threads.
“1. For best performance, surfaces should be clean and free of grease.”
I think in one of their other tech sheets they mention using brake cleaner or similar.

Everybody seems to swear by the loctite 545. Did you put enough on?

A lot of my fittings were dripping… Some of the loctite I put on was over the sealer that came with the fittings from HB.

I tightened them down a ton too.

I’m going to spray the fittings and see which one is leaking… I still can’t believe something is leaking after all that effort I put into it.


I swear to god… I WILL pay someone to make my system leak free.