How hard?

how hard is to install a PA system? i want to get the hornblasters pa system tomorrow but i want to install it myself. Thanks guys

its simple its 2 wires… a positive and ground

what u recomend me to do, buy the hornblasters one or save for some good Whelen Siren and SPEAKER?

well thats a dumb question…its all about how much money you want to spend

i know is dumb i got around 300-350 to spend on it and i know the whelen is better but is harder to install right and i will more space to put the little box and all that stuff right?

hornblasters has the whelen pa with airhorn… might actually be safer lol that way you cant get charged with impersonating an officer of the law lol and its no harder to hook up just power wires and only thing different is you have to run a speaker wire

haaha… i think i will get the whelen from hornblasters next week for sure!!!