how long it will take?

i have a 5 gallon air tank with one viair 480c 200psi compressor but i want to get a 9 gallon air tank so how long it will take for me to fill it out? i saw once here a web site that you put the air tank size the compressor type or something like that and it tells u but i can’t find it.

long. And that’s an understatement lol. Thats exactly what I’m going to be experimenting by tomarrow, 13.5 gallons and a 480c…the 5 gallon tank was already brutal enough, 9 gallons is going to be a good 15-18 mins mins:rolleyes:

I really want to add a 400c to fast fill up to 150 and let the 480 do the rest…:slight_smile:

I have dual 480c’s and a 20 gallon tank. It took about 15 minutes to fill the first time, but the compressors haven’t run more than 5 minutes at a time since then. It seems like going from a warm garage out into the cold has more effect on the pressure dropping than using the horn does. of course, I don’t use my horn much yet. I really want to get a remote digital pressure gauge to mount on my dash.

id check with viair or hornblasters before you attempt this… could fry the compressor and void your warranty :frowning:

Lance should answer this but I think Viair states 5 gallons max per compressor.

I went with the 7 Gallon, takes about 8 min to fill with my 480 for 20 seconds of fun :slight_smile: If you get achance check out my setup.:wink:

the problem its guys that i am getting another set of S4 so i will have 8 now and i think that the 5 gallon will get empy fast when i honk

I suggest getting another 480C or sell them and get an Oasis. Our XD3000 can fill 100 gallons in 17.5 minutes and it could fill another 100 gallons as well. There’s not much of a tank size limit with our compressors.

VIAIR rates each compressor to fill five gallons under normal-to-light use. If you expect performance and faster fill times, figure on one compressor for every 2.5 gallons that you plan to store. This is the setup that I recommend to all air suspension users, since it provides better performance, longer life for the pump, and offers a redundant system that will not leave you stranded.

2 sets of shockers works fine on my tanks its somewhere between 4-5 gallons

i will try with my five gallon tank if i am not happy with it i will get another 480c and a 8 gallon tank

unless u plan on holding them for 25 seconds constant at a time i would worry about a bigger tank

i like my 15 gal but im gonna get a 12 gal so i can have a lil bit more room in my box

so if my friend was to run the 20 GALLON AIR SETUP he would need 8 VIAIR compressors…for maxiumum performance and fill…

thats why im buying a xd3000… tired of draining my tank and takinf forever to fill… time for another 20 gal tank and a 3000):eek::eek::eek:

EDC ftw!