How Many PSI Do K5's Like To See?

Ok, so I think my Leslie RS3K’s might not be loud enough for me. I had a someone Honk them for me Tonight from across the Parking Lot and they were Loud, but not really what I want. They are pointed out the back corner of my Truck, not facing forward.

I’m gonna face them forward once my Debris Shields come in. Do you think that will make a big enough difference that I will like them?

If not, I’m gone straight to the top and getting some K5’s.

Right now I have a 5 Gallon Tank and that’s not even enough for the RS3K’s, so I know it DEF. won’t be enough for the K5’s.

So, before I order a new Tank and Pressure Switch, what is the Optimal PSI that K5’s like to see for Overall Loudness and Longevity?? I don’t want to be overpowering them, just to make them Louder, and have to rebuild them every Year due to that, but I want them to be LOUD.

5 gal will be PLENTY of air,i have 2 k3’s and a k5 and they dont use as much air as u think.i can hit the horn for about 2-3 secs and my pressure switch dosent even come on yet…but yea k5 FTW and they sound wonderful at 200psi

So you are saying that the K5 might use less Air than the RS3K?

yea i hear that leslie horns are air hogs

i agree with slo_hatch we were driving next to eachother and his 15 gallon will blast loud and clear for 10 seconds, before it even starts getting noticeably quieter, k5’s ftw, may be more air efficient than your current horns!

That’s a DAMN SHAME!!! After I turn the things Forward and if they aren’t Loud enough, K5’s HERE I COME!! :slight_smile:

Do it!!!

i got a k5la that i will trade you for your rs3k

WHAT?!? Are you serious? Ok, what don’t I know about the RS3K that you do, and are willing to Trade for a K5?

I recommend at least 150psi on the K5. You can go up to 200psi. 150psi is plenty loud. A minimum 5 gallon tank is recommended because the Nathan K5 is air hungry compared to your typical train horn sold for vehicles. Id go even larger if you have room. I use ViAir 400C compressors because of the fast re-fill time.

Yea, I got Dual 400C’s on the way to take over for my 1 480C. I shoulda done better research the first time around, and got the 400C’s.

I just need it to stop being so crappy here Weather wise, so I can go out and see if I def. got room for a 12 Gallon Tank under my Truck, if not, I can only fit a 9 Gallon.

Ok, my Dual 400C setup just came in.

So…now that I have them, and they Max out @150psi, what’s gonna be Louder at 145psi? My RS3K’s or the K5’s?

I gotta get these RS3K’s turned forward. I think that’s really what the “problem” is.

By spec sheets from both manufacturers, the Leslie is louder by 2 dB. Everyone seems to think that a K5 is louder. This is due to the higher note that the K5 plays.

I wouldn’t go over 145 psi on any locomotive horn, but the choice is up to you. Trains don’t go over that, and sometimes only blow at 130 or so and you know how loud they are on an actual train. Leslie’s website actually says Max Pressure: 140 PSI.

HORNBLASTERS TX has you a great swap personally I would be all over it! definately stay in the 140 psi range the k5’s love that psi and will last longer also. get a bigger tank and “GO FOR IT” :smiley: