how much pressure loss overnight?

I just got my tank and horns installed today with airlines. It leaked down more than I expected overnight. When I get back from vacation I’ll probably tear it all apart and try loctite 545 on the threads. I used blue monster Teflon tape and thought that would do it. I can’t hear or feel any leaks so it must be slow but it lost like 60 lbs overnight.

60 lb seems like a lot unless the tank is fairly small. Pour a bubble solution on all of your fittings and use the Loctite to repair any leaks.

Also check any Tube to NPT fittings. Sometimes the hose it not seated in all the way.

You mean the blue PTFE tape? That stuff and the yellow gas tape works very well from my past experience.

Ya, 60psi overnight is a lot. My system would loose 3-5psi overnight. I have heard of zero leak systems but I’m sure that takes forever to accomplish. Soapy water in a bottle will show you leaks you can’t hear or feel.

Yes the blue tape. I’ll try soapy water when I get back from vacation. It’s a
5 gal tank

Also just a thought, since the weather is finally warming up :stuck_out_tongue: re tighten everything. I found that as the temps drastically changed my system would become leaky.

I found one leak at my manual valve that I’m going to deal with Thursday when I get back from vacation. Not sure if that’s the only one or not

I got the leak at the manual valve fixed which really helped but still must be some small leaks. It lost 10lbs in 4 hours so it’s much better. Still looking for other leaks tomorrow. Rained off and on all day today.

Ok fixed 3 more leaks today and yippiiieeee I think I finally got it. No pressure loss in 5 hours. Finally!

where were the 3 other leaks?

One was a pipe fitting at the tank. The other 2 were presslocks(push to connect fittings)

Leak could be discharge valve /reed in compressor head??