How much PSI is safe for the Shocker S4's?

I’m looking at getting the Shocker S4 horns and was wondering how much pressure I would be able to safely put to them. I am currently pushing 200 PSI and would like to know of the diaphragms in the S4’s would handle that without blowing them.


not sure onhow much pressure will void the warranty might want to check with rigo but mine i’ve had for about 2-3 years and have run them at 150-200 and they still are great

200 psi is fine with the shocker sells kits at 200 psi

What ^he^ said.

I wouldn’t go any higher then that. It may cause damage to the diaphragms.

im running 200psi also

200psi is best

145 ftw lol.

haha! no!

real men use 200…lol jk

eh Its fine for me. one day ill upgrade

ull upgrade the day u become a man…lol

haha. hopefully soon lol

200 all the way.

200 fo sho


I’ll be ordering tomorrow. :smiley:

^^ Did you get to order yet? Give us a call if not. We will get you all setup.

Insecure about your low psi ??

Sounds like psi envy…


I just placed my order online tonight.

Thanks Garrett. :slight_smile:

What did you end up ordering???

The Shocker S4’s.