how much psi?

Ok im new here im from paducah ky, ive got some omega black horns that are identical to the hornblaster outlaws i think, Im running a viair 380c with a 5 or 7 gallon tank, and a 165/200 psi pressure switch. if i do this is it gonna mess up somethin or should i go to a smaller pressure switch like a 110/150 or so, any advice would be great because im goin to finish everything up as soon as i get off work, i have my horns, and compressor mounted just gotta finish everything else up, I will post up pics once im done.

Welcome to the forums. I don’t know what they’re rated for, but you could always use a regulator if needed.

alright thanks, does anybody know if it will hurt my compressor having it mounted upside down under my bed?

It only hurts if the compressor is run a long time and has no ventilation because the heat has no place to go and keeps building in the compressor. It should be ok if you keep the vehicle moving.

well i got everything mounted up and the horns blow! i never heard my compressor kick off but its also on a duramax with a stack so i couldnt really hear that well but i think it also probably needs a ton of air they sound wicked, i will try to get some pics tomorow im pretty proud i think we built a very clean system for my first time, should i post my pics here or start another thread? and is there like a build thread on here? sorry i havent had time to look around since i just joined earlier today

Make yourself an install thread and post pics there.