How often do you replace brushes? (ViAir)

I’ve had my 450c for about 13 years now and it’s been in multiple vehicles with countless cycles and zero issues :cool:

Just pulled it out of my Land Cruiser (replaced it with a 444c dual pack) and I plan on putting it in my XB with a pair of K bells :slight_smile:

I figure now would be the best time to treat it to a set of brushes, but I’m just curious as to how often they need to be replaced :confused:

OK, I sized up where I might be installing the 450c on my beater and because it’s a tight space with minimal access, I took it upon myself to pull the brush cap and see what was left in there.

I was expecting to see bare nubs, but they looked to be in excellent condition for their age and use :eek:

Cleaned up some of the dust, put a little lube on the bearing and put it back to gether.

Probably be good for another 13 years :cool:

My 7yo 400C’s brushes were about the same or a little shorter than those. :slight_smile: