How to install??

Hallo liebe Freunde,

ich würde gerne wissen wie man ein Trainhorn installiert… Habe vor 2 Monaten ein Kit aus den USA bestellt, nur leider verstehe ich die Installationsanleitung nicht :frowning: kann mir da einer weiter helfen bitte?:confused::confused:

Welcome to the forum! I know air compressor but I’m sure someone else can help you.

translation = Hello dear friends,

I would like to know how to install a train horn … I ordered a kit 2 months ago from the U.S., but unfortunately I do not understand the installation instructions because I can help one please

can anybody help me? :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

Have you looked in the “Your Horns & Install” section? There should be pictures of them and maybe a DIY (do it yourself) thread.

If there is an air suspension installer in your area, they should be able to do it or at least help.

Which bit of the installation are you not understanding?

Which Kit have you bought?

hello stinkypete

I have this one:

My english is not so good and that’s the reason why I did not understand the instructions.

can anybody helps me?

Have you tried using a translation program on the instructions?

Its been almost a year? Have you not installed it yet???:confused::confused::confused:

hi i have sold it last year and 2 weeks ago I bought the same kit one more time. This time everything is connected, but the compressor is not operating. as soon as I connect the compressor to the test on the battery and on earth, it transmits. I mean it does not work.

I had that kit when I first started HornBlasting & the compressor went wrong on several occasions untill it finally died.

Okay, first and most obvious thing to check is the pressure switch. On the top of the Tank is the pressure switch, near the pressure gauge, Pull off the two spade end connectors and get a small paper clip or a piece of wire & use this to bridge between the two spade end connectors, thus bypassing the pressure switch.
Now connect the compressor to the battery, in theory it should start running & proves the compressor is ok and the pressure switch is faulty! :slight_smile:
If that don’t work, throw it in the bin & buy a decent HornBlasters 228vx Shocker kit, more air, more noise, more fun & certainly less hassle. :slight_smile:

thank you. I’m going to try it right then I will report it here.

The result: The compressor does not work. I have the black wire connected to the ground and tried to clip the red wire to the battery. When you reconnect the red wire has started to spark and the compressor has not started to work. The seller, I again wrote a mail, let’s see what is being done now.

Quite possibly it is that the compressor has jammed or seized! Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! I don’t know how to install. Help me please