How to make Shockers mount on E8 locomotive?

Hello all, my friend owns a locomotive, the TCRM/Broadway 6902, EMD E8, built in 1953 for the New York Central. It has three horn spots. The first spot is on the cab roof and is occupied by a 1980s Amtrak K5LA on a Viloco Valve. The second spot is a new cast P3 on a Graham White solenoid valve. The 3rd spot is a port on a Graham White 353 manual valve that he installed for the local railfans to run their horns. Well, a friend of mine has a set of S4 Shockers that he wants to run on the locomotive during one of our trips. Well considering the Shockers are individual trumpets, I am having to figure out a way to build a “manifold” for the horns. I am a welder and machinist so I have access to plenty of tools to make that happen, but I could use some advice on the best way to do it, and how I should design it. I have already machined the flange where the horn will bolt to the locomotive cab, but what would the best way to attach the flange to the manifold and what would be the best way to arrange the horns on the manifold?

And here is a photo of the locomotive.

My advice would be to have a PTC fitting in each horn (do Shockers already have those? If so, ignore this step) and design the manifold like this horn here. It seems pretty straightforward to a machinist.

Yeah, well the problem is the mounting bolts for each trumpet are towards the front, right in the middle of the flared end.

I’m gonna have to meet up with this guy and mount my K5’s on the third spot for a day :smiley: well, there IS a way to mount the shockers where the air line hooks up. me, I just drilled some holes on some shelving brackets and used the washer on each of the shockers and face them forward and call it a day.

Good idea, I will certainly do that. Yeah he is really cool, like a grandfather to me. If you are in the area send me a PM and we will get your horn on there.

Thought I would post this, here is the awesome 80s K5LA accompanied by another friend’s P5 on that second spot.