How To: Remote Controled Horns

This is a very simple setup, this diagram is based off the Autoloc keyless entry which is what Matt said hornblasters sells.

simply wire the positive and ground from the keyless system as you would in a normal installation.

As for the rest of the wiring this diagram is set up for the keyless system sending a -Negative trigger to the relay (terminal 85 on the relay) and wire a Positive wire to terminals 30 and 86.

(If your keyless entry sends a positive signal like mine does, simply change terminal 86 to a negative ground and your positive trigger wire from the keyless system to terminal 85)

the remaining wire on terminal 87 will splice into your horn button wire. (the part of the wire going from your button to your solenoid valve) It has to be on this side of the button, if its not it will not reach the valve because your button is not being pressed.

Using it this way the horns should blow for as long as you hold the button on the remote down and stop when you release the button.

Thats about all there is to it the rest of the wires are not used for this install. I installed this on my truck to use because I hae when i see people in a parking lot leaning on my truck. =) Have fun with it!

dude you are my hero. i’ve spent a ton of time tryin to figure out how the hell to do this! i know what my next project is…that AND hooking the K3’s up to an alarm

yeah i did this about a year ago… I have my horns on a seperate horn button and one night at a restraunt i had a guy outside leaning on my hood talking to someone and all i could do was push my panic button for my regular horn kinda sucked so the next day i was out looking for an answer

my stock panic button works great,but i also have a switch setup for the stock horn and the k5

yeah that works to but i wanted it so it would blow hor as long as you push the button on the remote and stop when you let go

oh ok,as loud as the k5 is,the stock panic works fine for me tho,nice write up

My valve is hooked up to my stock horn and my stock horn is unplugged so I just press the panic button and it blows it, works perfectly =]

Only downside is you have to be careful you don’t press the panic button instead of the lock or unlock at night, don’t want to wake up the neighborhood.

my thoughts exactly. the panic button on my alarm would be ok but i want to honk it as long as i’m holdin the button, not the continuous honk honk honk that you get when the alarm is goin off

i like the newer fords,they do that as long as u hold it ,it BLOWS

When i did mine i always had a 3-5 second time elaspe from pressing the button to the actual solenoid acting. How do i take away that timeing and just as soon as i press it…presto…honk honk

what did you hook it to a alarm kit? keyless entry? or what… most of the keyless entry systems have a delay on them was reading about an autoloc brand doorpopper kit that is supposed to have no delay but i can only find the set with solenoids might check with matt see if he sells it with just the reciver only…

keyless entry

Keep in mind that this is not always the case (regarding 85 and 86). Pins 85 and 86 connect to the coil of the relay and unless you have a diode present (not common) the circuit is not polarised. This means that you can wire either to be positive or negative as long as they are opposites. e.g. + to 85, - to 86; or - to 85, + to 86.
If you have a diode present the stripped side gets positive and at the end of the circuit you have to attach a negative. Diodes are sometimes recommended to improve the lifespan of a relay.
More often than not 85 is considered positive and 86 to be negative. Some manufacturers reverse this in their schematics although it is often negligible.
I apologize if this is over complicating something simple, but I thought it deserved some clarification

close enough =)

sweet, my employee just mentioned to me about having the horns on the remote. That would be hella fun! Thanks for the write-up.


i just got mine done and connected to the aux button on my truck,poop is soooo much frun

Hi Guys…sorry but I skipped through alot of this thread… a little thing I did a couple of years ago…woz to fit an alarm with remote engine start. This kit was from China and cost me approx £40… (about $60us) The beauty of this was you could start the car from over a Kilometer away, which is an awesome thing!!! The best bit was that it also has a TRUNK release button… For you guys with ya big trucks it would be perfect. I wired the horns to the trunk release button.

I went to Silverstone Grand Prix raceway once for a show and walked up on to the famous bridges which cross the tracks… From there I was able to set my horns off, almost half a mile away…

I’m trying to get another one sent from China, and once fitted I’ll show you guys the car starting by remote control…Its awesome, but you need plenty of space to do it. (leave the car in gear, take the handbrake off and push that button) Funny as hell!!!

and have the car jump? haha

I have my k3 on a remote start auxilary button also. Works great in shopping malls but sucks when you have a hand full of junk and push it accidentially when your next to it!

Lol…its jumps for a couple of seconds and then fires up on idle and trundles away until you hit the kill switch!!!.. Once I get the system, I’ll video the car doing it, just need some big servos fitted and I should be able to control the cars steering!! (Thats a bit extreme, but entirely possible):smiley: