How to seal properly?

I have had my horns on for a while and at first i would drop 5 psi of pressure over night. Now I can park for 5 hours and loose over 15/ 20.

I sealed it originally with what came on the fittings from HB, and in some places I used 545 loctite. I also filled it to 200 psi right after assembly.

This time I am going to use loctite 545 on every port/ joint and let it sit before airing it up. My question is how long do I wait till I fill it up again? Would 24 hours work?

Any other suggestions on stoping the leaks?


24 hours should be plenty of time. Just make sure you don’t air it up because that’s when the air will find the path of least resistance, make a hole, and dry that way.


Only thing I might suggest is using soapy water to find the actual leak.

I agree about the loctite & waiting 24 hours, however I don’t think that’s the cause of your leak since it is only recently.

It has been doing it for the majority of the time. I started a week or so after so I just havent wanted to mess with it in the heat of the summer

Honestly i have loctite 545 on my whole setup now, and as soon as the last fitting is cranked, i have the compressors going and i’m testing for leaks with soapy water… Have never had a problem yet with this method.
Tanks will loose 5 psi at night when temp changes, but then regain 5 + psi during the day.

I also coat at least 4-5 threads up the fitting , wrench it tight , and wipe excess off. So really there is no where for air to get through with the amount I put in.
This may make for a tougher time getting apart, but the whole idea is leak free forever.

Besides, nothing a 3ft extension pipe on a crescent cant fix :wink:

Thanks for the info, I will be doing it within the next week or two


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Well we did the soap and water thing first… And only found 1 leak. It was on top of the tank. I have a reducer going to a “T” that has a pop off valve and a quick connect for a air hose. It was leaking at the tank- to reducer. We took it apart, the “T” and everything attached, resealed it and now I have parked my truck and yet to have the compressors come on. Much better than coming on after sitting no more than 5 hours or so.