Howdy from Illinois! ? About an HB kit.

Hey guys, just stumbled upon this site in my horn hunt and as usual lots of great info! Seems to me HB is top notch and props to them for a seemingly good product and following! Now… I have a strict budget of 250 and am looking at the jackass kit. Is it worth it for a tight budget like mine? It will be going on a 06 f250 and the tank/compressor will be mounted in the bed. Ive looked but cant seem to find if the viair 280 is a sealed unit? Thats my one need to know as i will be ordering today! I work my butt off and would love to have a shocker kit but i just cant swing it at this time. Maybe down the road if i feel the need but as for now ill stick to my guns. I look forward to reading and having a laugh or two here.


Couple bullet points from the manual:

  • Do not use this product in or area where it can fall or be pulled into water or other liquid.
  1. This compressor is moisture & splash resistant, but NOT WATER PROOF. Do not mount compressor in locations where the unit is likely to come in contact with water.
  2. Select compressor mounting location where air line can be routed from compressor air inlet to remote inlet air filter. Make sure Remote Inlet Air Filter is located in a dry location, away from water splashes.

Thanks man! Hmmm bummer

Ok well lets open the suggestion box

Welcome to the forum.
It seems that most people who start with a small or inexpensive kit wish they had started with one of the Shocker kits. When the joy of honking at distracted or idiot drivers becomes addicting, they’ll upgrade to Airchimes, bigger tanks, and multiple or more powerful air compressors. After that they start experimenting with many of the possible configurations by adding horns and/or trying ones that produce different notes.

Do you want a submersible compressor? lol
They are considered “sealed” - just don’t dunk it… and keep the air intake dry with the remote kit.

Lol no not submersible, just one that can withstand some elements. I dont have a topper or plan to get one but im sure there are other methods to keep it out of too much harm. Thanks for the replies fellas.

Welcome to the forums, I keep 2 compressors and a 12 gallon tank all stuffed in a truck tool box.

Thought about that. I dont have one but have been looking to get one. Thanks for the post.

I just got a plastic one from Craigslist for 30 bucks + new locks/keys for 15. You do lose a little bit of bed space is definitely worth it. :smiley:

Ordered my kit…be here on monday and im super excited to blast that thing