Hummer H2 Install

I’m new to the forum. My second set of Hadley air horns just died. I plan on having either the Nathan Air Chime K3 or K5 kit installed in my Hummer H2. I’m not sure if either will fit. Supposedly the Shocker kit will definitely kit. Any installation ideas, suggestions or advice? Thanks

A Hummer??? dude you should have plenty of space to mount them!! I’d stick them on the roof!!! they’d be lost on top I would imagine?

Get some pics up of ya ride. :slight_smile:

K series horns ROCK!

A K3LA in a roof rack would be sick o an H2.

true… true

Check out the install on my hummer 2.

Where do we go to do that?

I was curious of that my self…

you can click on his name then click on “find all post” and you can see it…

Did anybody have any luck?
He only has 1 post so ‘find all posts’ leads right back here…