i almost felt bad....almost

so i was up in fort collins (bigass college town) and just cruisin around with my buddy. some moron in a brand new F150 pulls out in front of me and proceeds to drive about 12 mph. i wanted to honk at him right then but i remembered that theres a set of train tracks that runs across the road we were on. anyway we get to the train tracks and the gates are up, the lights ARENT flashing and this dude is creeping along lookin left right left right left right…then finally starts to roll across. naturally i did what anyone with a train horn and a cruel heart would do…i emptied half the tank through the hb4h’s! its a proven fact a new f150 WILL lay rubber across a railroad crossing :smiley:

haha!! thats great! bet he pissed him self…

Train Horns FTMFW!!!

im waitin for the K3’s to get here so i can roll past the train station when Amtrak is parked and give 2 good blasts and get people runnin back to the train thinkin its leavin haha oh the possibilities…

LMAO, that would have been a great video

There’s a big white duelly truck (brand and size unknown) that goes to the Amtrack mooning every year. He likes to blow his train horns just to see the people run to the fence thinking a train’s coming…lol.


lawl had my railroad track experiences… :slight_smile: