I am still here...

I know I have not been posting much, but I get “buck-fever” this time of the year and spend most of my free hours perched 20 ft in a treestand chasing the elusive whitetail deer.

I will keep in touch

Hope you having better luck than i am here in western kentucky. Every deer i seen looks like one of the olson twins. If i do kill one i dont think i could get any meat off it. Good luck in West V.

Damn i thought u were gone for good… LOL Jk bro…
I’ll still be here after the season is over, and when u come back in full, ill prolly have close to 5k post…lol

at the rate your going scared that should be possible! POST WHORE!!:D:D j/k

lol 16.41 ppd :eek: . X2 on the Post whore scaredu lol:D

i may have to up it a notch…lol
put a turbo on my keyboard…what!

na then u have spooling time. either twin it with 2 different sized turbos so the lag isnt as bad or just supercharge your keyboard so there isnt a huge lag time. lol

ill put some nos on it…lol

Im kinda trailing behind you now Twist :frowning:

psshhhh Im about to go into vtec lol

LOL honk a vtec… all american muscle…
bout to put a 454 on this *****!

lol, I do like the american muscle, however I do give respect for the tuners that can put 700 + wheel on a 2 liter

yea thats a tuner…there cool…ricers… not so much…lol

i HATE ricers. They are the most annoying kind of human being, they think they know everything but really don’t know knowing anything. Its fun to f**k with them tho.

I’ll take the Dodge Charger in “Fast and Furious” any day over the ricers. The Skyline is about the only ricer I like.

true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing…

too bad ricers think they know everything, when in fact they dont know jack. I wouldnt consider a skyline a ricer… when I think of ricers I think cavaliers, eclipses, civics. Shoot a skyline is considered a super car I believe.

yea skyline not a ricer…

I agree, it’s more of a muscle car but it’s built by Nissan or NISMO if you like.