I felt bad for only 2 seconds

I was driving home with some friends about 3 months ago and I was sitting at a red light by the local mall. Across the street from the mall is some lower end apartment buildings that people can walk to from the mall. I noticed this fellow standing at the corner waiting for the walk signal to flash. (this guy is wearing a book bag, sunglasses, headphones, paints pulled up over his belly, sucks up etc) Long story short, I don’t think this guys elevator goes to the top floor. I let him get about 1/2 across the street before I let him have it. Next thing I see, he is running down the street like Randy Moss… high stepping it. That was the day that my horn paid for itself in full. My friends were literally crying from laughing so hard. I actually felt bad for 2 seconds, but I wish I would have filmed it. I’m sure it would have won the 100k on funniest videos.

haha!!! nice one

priceless lol

Hahaha nice one


Horn blasters- $200ish
Watching a man high step after watching him sh*t his pants-Priceless

^ Exactly! That’s awesome!

Wow, you felt bad for that long? I think the longest I’ve felt bad was the amount of time to let go of my manual valve.

It was hysterical… Now all of my friends that walk anywhere near me while im in my truck, they grab there ears… That is pretty much an invitation to let them have it to.